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money is the reason we exist; everybody knows it, it's a fact, kiss kiss. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ the name is chris; 17, junior, gay. i reblog / blog random things..maybe mostly bad girls club. bear with me..I'm one of a kind. c:

^^^ follow that, as I float out of this atmosphere and make a new account.

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i took a picture of a white girl taking a picture of her starbucks

she looks so happy

nature is amazing

Sometimes, when I look at this photo, I ask myself, “why am I single? I bet guys would love me..”

Then I look at this one.. and I’m like, “oh…nevermind.” :x

Janae.. smh xD

Janae.. smh xD

A contest we were in at Huntingdon. We won all 1’s, and best in class majorettes, colorguard, drum major, and band! c: (Poor percussion, sad face)

What day did you go to Disney World in March? My band went to Florida in March as well and it would be weirdly awesome if we were there at the same time! :p

We were actually there for four days. We left at night on March 27th, got there at 7 AM. We went to the Animal Kingdom first, and then to Epcot the same day. The next day was the Disney parade at the Magic Kingdom. It was my first time at the Magic Kingdom but not at Disney… c: So therefore, I think we marched on March 29th, because the next day, we went to Universal Studios and then our final day was at Hollywood Studios (formerly MGM). It was a blast though!!

Welp, here’s my favorite stand dance from marching season. It’s called “The Way I Are.”

the way we dance is like.. so omfg. we also do it during pep rallies .x.


Hey! What state do you march in?

I’m still in high school, but I march in Alabama. My high school is very… conservative, so people make remarks to me being on color guard. I don’t give a crap. C: